antheridial cell

antheridial cell
антеридиальная клетка
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антеридиальная клетка

English-russian biological dictionary. 2013.

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  • antheridial cell — noun : a cell that remains after one or more vegetative or prothallial cells are cut off from the microspore and that gives rise to tube and generative cells of the male gametophyte of gymnosperms …   Useful english dictionary

  • Antheridial — Antheridium An ther*id i*um, n.; pl. {Antheridia}. [Anther + ? (a Gr. diminutive ending).] (Bot.) The male reproductive apparatus in the lower plants, consisting of a cell or other cavity in which spermatozoids are produced; called also… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • plant development — Introduction       a multiphasic process in which two distinct forms succeed each other in alternating generations. One form, created by the union of sexual cells (gametes (gamete)), contains two sets of similar chromosomes (diploid). At sexual… …   Universalium

  • Антеридиальная клетка — * антэрыдыяльная клетка * antheridial cell одна из двух клеток пыльцы хвойных растений. Из А. к. происходит спермагенная клетка, деление которой приводит к образованию двух спермиев …   Генетика. Энциклопедический словарь

  • reproductive system, plant — Introduction       any of the systems, sexual or asexual, by which plants reproduce. In plants, as in animals, the end result of reproduction is the continuation of a given species, and the ability to reproduce is, therefore, rather conservative …   Universalium

  • Marchantiophyta — Not to be confused with Hepatica, a flowering plant that may also be called liverwort . Liverworts Temporal range: 472–0 Ma …   Wikipedia

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